Argentine Apocalypse?

Hugo Chavez’ passing was one of the saddest moments of my life, A few years later, it was eclipsed by the invasion and destruction of Libya and the murder of Africa’s brightest star, Muammar Gaddafi.

Yet another tragic event of global significance was the imminent destruction of Argentina.

A right-wing lunatic named Javier Milei became the country’s new pResident in December 2023. A real genius, Milei gave financially troubled Argentina a boost by giving its two biggest trading partners, Brazil and China, the middle finger, deriding the leaders of both countries as communists. He embraced Argentina’s biggest enemies, the U.S. and Israel.

Though Milei apparently isn’t Jewish, he’s clearly working for the Jews. He said that, after he got elected, he wanted to visit Israel and study Judaism. He also said he was thinking of converting to Judaism himself. Accompanied by his rabbi, Milie was in Israel when he announced the he would move Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem, joining the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, and Kosovo.

Having realized the phenomenal stupidity of giving China the middle finger, Milei later made some feeble attempts to be friendlier. However, he isn’t likely to make many friends apart from right-wing shills like Steve Forbes. As of February 2024, Milei was feverishly trying to dollarize Argentina’s economy. What kind of moron would embrace the U.S. dollar when the U.S. economy is on the verge of collapse?

Reality check: Milei never had any intentions of helping Argentina, nor was he fairly elected. He was put in office by the Jewish lobby, which wants nothing other than the complete destruction and subjugation of Argentina. After the country crashes, the Jews and their stooges will be able to buy its assets at rock bottom prices. Kiss quality public education and the environment goodbye. (Milei shits on the environment, by the way.)

There’s still hope. There have been protests against Milei’s insane rule. With inflation currently at about 250%, Argentina has nowhere to go but up. If Milei doesn’t bring the country some relief soon, even his brain-dead supporters might begin turning on him. Perhaps Milei will spark a revolution, toppling the government and returning Argentina to its populist / socialist roots. If we’re really lucky, Milei might get a bullet in the head.

An authentic weirdo, Milei is often describe as having the appearance of a rock star. To me, he looks something like a cross between Hillary Clinton and a rat terrier, It would be really cool if there was a revolution, and some Argentinian patriot mailed Milei’s head to Benjamin Netanyahu.

I’ll write a more detailed analysis of Argentina’s persecution by the Jews as time allows.

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