I think it was during the pandemic that I finally got around to buying a copy of a book I had long wanted to read—Open Veins of Latin America by Uruguayan writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano. Published in 1971, the book offers an analysis of the impact of European settlement, imperialism, and slavery on Latin America.

Open Veins is a popular book among members of the political Left. When I asked ChatGPT for a list of the most popular books about the United States’ exploitation of Latin America, it was the first book it listed. Third on the list was The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, a Jew. No big surprise there.

I prefer digital books to paperbacks because they’re so more useful for students. Eager to examine Open Veins, I opened it and searched for a word that has become one of my favorite research tools—“Jew.”

To my amazement Galenao makes just four passing references to Jews in his book, primarily in reference to the persecution of Jews in Spain during the Inquisition. Surely, my eyes deceived me. Was Galeano just another propagandist working for the Jews?

Let me explain my confusion. There’s powerful evidence that Christopher Columbus, who could almost be nicknamed the Father of the American Holocaust, was a Jew. I’m not sure when this evidence first became public; perhaps it was released after Galeano wrote his book. However, there’s more. Much more.

The term “banana republic” is associated with the “banana wars” that ravaged Central America from about 1898-1934. Combined with a bloody Guatemalan coup, it was a terrible time for people living in Central America. For whatever it’s worth, the powerful banana barons who were behind the banana wars were Jews.

Before the Cuban Revolution, organized crime in Cuba was run by a high profile member of the Jewish Mafia, Meyer Lansky. The Cuban missile crisis was one of the highlights of President John F. Kennedy’s term in office, and Jews were prominently associated with his assassination and the following cover-up.

To my amazement, Open Veins of Latin America doesn’t mention Operation Condor, and there are only two passing references to the chief vulture, Henry Kissinger, who isn’t identified as a Jew. Galeano does have a lot to say about the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but he doesn’t identify the jackals who run it as Jewish bankers.

I’m just getting warmed up. After Henry Kissinger was put on a leash, Argentina was attacked by other Jews, including the infamous hedge fund vulture Paul Singer and Javier Milei, a right-wing lunatic who was installed as pResident in December 2023. While China is helping lift Latin American countries out of poverty and bondage to the U.S., Argentina appears to be virtually dead and buried, having sold its soul to the IMF’s Jewish bankers.

Actor Sean Penn is a Jewish assclown who posed as a left-wing revolutionary as he befriended Latin American leaders, including Venezuelan firebrand Hugo Chavez. Chavez eventually died of cancer. I have a strong hunch it was a high-tech assassination, though firm evidence is hard to come by. Apparently not welcome on the South American continent any more, Penn is most closely associated with Haiti, an impoverished island he has long helped the Clintons exploit and terrorize.

Chavez was succeeded by Nicolas Maduro, who is Jewish. Is he a rare example of a good Jew? Unfortunately, I’m unable to answer that question at present. However, there was nothing good about Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, literally a Jewish banker who served as pResident of Peru from 2016 to 2018, when he left office in the wake of various corrupt charges.

In 2024, Mexicans elected their first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum. As you might guess from her name, she’s also a Jew. As with Maduro, I haven’t yet determined if she’s a good leader, but, like Milei, she will probably foster better relations with her terrorist kin in Israel than with China.

Jews have been heavily involved in sex trafficking, gun running, and drugs in Latin America. I haven’t been able to determine the full extent of their crimes, but I suspect they are the chief de facto drug lords. Jews were the main power behind China’s infamous opium trade (which led to a series of Opium wars) and the current opioid crisis, which is killing as many as 50,000 U.S. citizens annually. In addition to the profits, drug addiction is a great way to keep a population on its hands and knees, something the Jews are quite famous for.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the subject of Jewarchy in Latin America. I’ll have more to say about Jews in the various articles in this series, along with my other websites and books. In the meantime, an army of Jewish media whores continue demonizing one of Latin America’s greatest heroes, Che Guevara, just as they continue demonizing Adolf Hitler.

Would it be arrogant of me to suggest that my writings are somehow better than Eduardo Galeano’s? I confess, I still haven’t found time to read his famous book. But what good can it be if he has nothing to say about Jews?

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