Christopher Columbus

For Americans from Canada to Argentina, there are few heroes more familiar than Christopher Columbus. After all, the millions of people living in the New World today wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Columbus. Except for Native Americans, of course.

Not everyone is a fan of Columbus, however. Some deride him as a fool who profited from getting lost and mistaking the islands of the Caribbean for the West Indies. He even misnamed people inhabiting two continents “Indians.” You might call Columbus the Bill Gates of exploration.

However, it gets worse. Much worse.

You see, Columbus was a typically arrogant agent of colonialism who treated Native Americans the way the U.S. government treats Muslims. Massacres, rape, torture, mutilation, enslavement, and forced conversion to the White Man’s religion were the fate of countless indigenous peoples. A staggering number were killed by diseases introduced by Europeans.

The American Holocaust ˆ

Adolf Hitler is popularly accused by Westerners of starting World War II by invading Poland. It’s much easier making the case that Columbus was the Father of the American Holocaust. In fact, one might argue that he rivaled the Mongol warlords as the greatest agent of genocide ever.

Most Jews would violently disagree with the preceding paragraph. They believe there was only one “Holocaust,” and its victims—Jews—suffered more than anyone else in history. Besides, there was nothing genocidal about the colonization of the New World. White settlers just randomly killed natives who happened to be in their way.

Even if we accept the Jews’ claim that six million Jews perished in the evil Nazis’ gas chambers—a claim I do not believe—the suffering they endured over a period of approximately a decade can’t seriously be compared to the suffering endured by diverse peoples on two continents over a period of more than 500 years.

In fact, the American Holocaust hasn’t ended. Adding insult to injury, Jews who claim to be “Holocaust survivors” are still collecting Holocaust welfare, but most Native Americans aren’t similarly compensated for their very real suffering.

On top of everything else, European invaders also waged war against the environment. The American Holocaust was a crime against both humanity and Nature, with entire ecosystems destroyed and populations of wildlife decimated. Some species were exterminated, along with a variety of Native American tribes and cultures.

Christopher Goldstein? ˆ

The supreme irony lies in the fact that Christopher Columbus was a Jew!

Actually, that isn’t considered a verified fact. However, the evidence uncovered by historical sleuths is very convincing. If Barbra Streisand is convinced Abraham Lincoln was a Jew, then I’m convinced Columbus was a Jew, as were many of his fellow conquistadors.

I won’t relate the evidence here. You can do your own research. Jew or not, the Jews who claim to be champions of justice have a remarkably hostile attitude towards Native Americans. From the Jewish fake philosopher Ayn Rand to the Jews who run Hollywood today, they seem almost proud of their thinly veiled racism. Of course, it’s no secret the Jews don’t give a shit about the environment, either. Have you ever heard of a Jewish environmentalist?

Vanishing Hero ˆ

On a brighter note, the celebration of Columbus Day in the U.S. began to decline at the end of the 20th century. Columbus Day has similarly been downgraded in Latin America.

While some countries and U.S. states still observe a traditional Columbus Day, others have hijacked the holiday, turning it into a celebration of the native cultures Columbus ravaged. In my native South Dakota, people now celebrate “Native American Day.” Columbus Day has even fallen out of favor in Colombia and the District of Columbia, both named for the tyrant.

If more people realized that Christopher Columbus was a Jew, Columbus Day would sink even lower into disrepute. Wouldn’t it be ironic if indignant Jews made it an Israeli holiday?

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