What could be funnier than a Jewish media whore lecturing Fidel Castro on freedom of the press?

This is what happens when you (s)elect a Jew as president. Milei isn’t an ethnic Jew, but he’s clearly working for the Jews He gave Argentina’s two biggest allies the middle finger and declared his allegiance with the U.S. and Israel. He even said he wants to convert to Judaism. From Henry Kissinger to Paul Singer, the Jews have been shitting on Argentina for decades.

Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, Vlodowhore Zelensky, is an authentic Jew. He has been criticized for corruption. While other countries help Ukraine stand up to Russian aggression, Zelensky declared his support for an even bigger bully, Israel. Fuck the Palestinians! In this video, Dr. Z plays a piano with his penis. How inspirational is that?

Yes, Ukraine is in Europe, but Zelenskiy is one of Milei’s biggest fans.

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